Gasser Front Springs In a Diesel?

General information about the first-generation Nissan Maxima in the US. What was the Datsun 810 became the luxury leader Maxima in the US in 1981.

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Gasser Front Springs In a Diesel?


Post by Carimbo »

Found a set of newish condition front springs at the JY. The attached rubber dust boots were even in great shape. Color code, clearly visible, is pink and blue, indicating L24 GL version, instead of LD28 which would be white and blue. Logical because it was a '83 gasser. My guess is that the springs were replaced in the not-too-diastant past.

FSM gives the following specs for these two spring types:

L24 GL (all in inches)
Wire dia. 0.531
Coil dia. 5.91
Free length 13.37
Spring constant 126.6 lb/in

Wire dia. 0.531
Coil dia. 5.91
Free length 14.02
Spring constant 126.6 lb/in

Specs identical except the LD28 springs are .65 in taller. I would have expected more of a difference because of the diesel engine's increased weight.

My car is sagging quite a bit. Looks great, probably helps the cornering but I can live without the bottoming and scraping on parking blocks. Struts appear to be readily available but springs are another story. Would these be a worthwile replacement?
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Post by glenlloyd »

If you aren't concerned about the .65" difference then my decision would be based on how many miles the donor car had.

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Post by asavage »

New ones are the same left & right, and the same for Sedan & Wagon (in front, anyway), part No. 54010-W2510, $96 ea..

Since the spring rate is the same, you could probably get away with the 5/8" lowered stance.
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