Best way to find TDC

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Best way to find TDC


Post by bmktw2 »

I'm about to remove the injector pump to get it rebuilt. I've never worked on a diesel and am kinda lost on how to find TDC on the compression stroke.

I also want to do a compression test just to check to engine out. Does anyone have any advice on that aswell?
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You can remove the valve cover and watch the valve function for #1. Once the intake valve closes, the next half revolution of the crankshaft will be the compression stroke and you will feel the compression on #1 piston resisting you as you turn the crank. When the piston reaches TDC, the timing marks will coincide at the same time that the effort of turning the crank drops off next to nothing. Any four cylinder inline engine crankshaft will have virtually zero resistance to turning when the pistons all reach TDC/BDC as they momentarily stop moving as they cross over center, thus momentarily offering no resistance to the movement of the crank...


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Re: Best way to find TDC


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bmktw2 wrote:I also want to do a compression test just to check to engine out. Does anyone have any advice on that aswell?
Use a Snap-On diesel compression tester set. See this thread for info.

The special SD adapter I had made is not necessary on the CD, IIRC.

Avoid Harbor Freight quality compression testers. The whole point is to get a reliable compression reading, and HF's stuff can't be trusted.
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