$100 for the piece of crap '81 720 Minister956 sold me

Buy it, sell it, negotiate, haggle, drag it out from under the workbench or behind the garage and make it someone else's problem!

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$100 for the piece of crap '81 720 Minister956 sold me


Post by dealie »

Long story short, I got screwed so now a parts truck is for sale. Block is cracked, head is garbage. Transmission, injection pump and crank don't come with it. I'm selling those items seperately to get my money back. I'm keeping the hood to use to patch holes in another datsun. I figure I'd get around $100 for scrap but I'd like to see someone use this for parts instead. I'm in Pensacola, Fl
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Re: $100 for the piece of crap '81 720 Minister956 sold me


Post by asavage »

Bad SD heads I've seen (rarely), but never a cracked SD block. Where's it cracked? (or is this covered in another thread?)
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Re: $100 for the piece of crap '81 720 Minister956 sold me


Post by TheDieseliminator »

Do you still have the truck and do you have anymore pictures of it?
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100 for the piece of crap 81 720 Minister956 sold me


Post by BarryLaX »

I would paint it but it has all the wrong shapes and curves for red paint.
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