LD28 Injection Pump belt tensioner, rebuilt & upgraded, $160

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LD28 Injection Pump belt tensioner, rebuilt & upgraded, $160


Post by asavage »

Since 2007, I have been offering rebuilt IP belt tensioners, but I don't think that I actually put this information in the Buy/Sell section, so here it is.

The LD28 injection pump belt tensioner hasn't been available from Nissan for several years. The bearing in them does wear out and get sloppy, and if you use it long enough, it can ruin your IP belt. The good news is that I am set up to rebuild the tensioner, installing a new, welded axle shaft that supports a double-row quality SKF bearing that is not only "lifetime" rated for this application, but can be replaced if you ever thought you needed to. There's a lot of discussion in this thread, and I've included pictures & dimensions if you care to rebuild your own, but if you just want to buy a replacement belt tensioner . . .

Click on image for larger

The price was $160 + $20 core + shipping (generally $6.80 USPS SMF) in 2007, and remains the same in Nov2016. Contact me via email only (yes, that means you have to register to be a member of this forum).

I anticipate being able to continue to offer this service as long as cores are returned to me; I am not in a position to go scouting them out anymore, but so far people have been pretty good about finding me cores. I had a batch of (100) axles machined back in 2007 and I still have plenty left from that run.
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Re: LD28 Injection Pump belt tensioner, rebuilt & upgraded,


Post by TheDieseliminator »

Hey Al, how's it going? Been a long time since I have posted on a regular basis, but I still have been visiting from time to time to come back to check out any new posts or new vehicles for sale. Still have a long time interest and hobby on finding these older diesels. They are getting harder to find now! I'm looking into getting back into a Maxima and the LD28 with the idea of swapping the diesel into a Z car. Bought a Z back on the east coast back in 2010 with the intentions of swapping the diesel into it from the parts car in my signature, but in the process of deciding to move to Arizona shortly after my Mom made the move I was not able to keep my Maxima. I still do have the Z. It's a 1976 280Z 2+2 and still in PA in storage. I now reside in Florence, AZ and have been hard searching for anything diesel related to the LD28 whether it be a whole engine or just parts of or for one. Now searching on the west coast I have found a few cars and some parts, but two of the cars I found in California I never heard back from the sellers on them (guess it was a Craigslist thing) when I contacted. Those two cars are no longer listed, so missed out just because the sellers were not too focused on selling...otherwise they would have contacted me back. But it just so happens I happened to have a car come up for sale on Craigslist not even 20 minutes away from me. Went to go look at it after work on Friday and it is a 1982 Maxima wagon that is in very good shape for the year with just under 227,000 miles. I made an offer to the seller and he accepted, so looks like I will be running and driving my first diesel wagon. I know you have owned a few of the cars over the years and this has been a great forum I'm happy to be a member of. I can say that I could very well be interested in the tensioner you have posted in the event I get into a spare LD28 that I might work on the side on an engine stand. Also, wanted to ask you...is the head gasket for an LD28 still readily available? I remember years ago back when I was running my old sedan on the road and blew the head gasket I was able to get a FelPro from the local auto parts store. That doesn't seem to be the case now, but in my searching online yesterday I found a website by the name Nissan Parts Deal that showed the head gasket as still available. I did order one and so far I have not got any message or email that they have been discontinued. Thanks.

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