Ability to post URLs is now restricted

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Ability to post URLs is now restricted


Post by asavage » 1 year ago

Due to spam from newly-registered members, I have installed phpBB extensions Auto Groups and Authorized for URLs.

If I've configured them correctly, new members will be unable to post URLs (links to images, email, websites) until they have posted ten times. If they achieve that limit, they can then post links to images and websites. This applies to their signature block, too.

I do not know how board image attachments may be affected. It could be that a new member could upload an attachment and display it inline, so that may be a spam conduit, IDK.

I'm sorry I had to do this, but too much spam links get posted by real humans, so just blocking 'bots isn't enough.

In theory, anyone whose post count is higher than ten should be able to post a URL. You may want to test this, and the Testing forum is the correct place.
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