It was a FUEL HOSE

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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chrwei wrote:
ecomike wrote:This is much better stuff than pure Viton for fuel hose or oil hose as it is reinforced for higher pressures, and makes much tighter bends. And it is available in at least 3 diameters.
"this" being the pepboys or the o'reilys stuff? or either?
Either one, but I don't think O'Reileys had all three sizes, in fact they only one size as I recall.


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the store nearest me has at least 6.3 and 8 mm hoses, I didn't ask about the 3/16". the hoses are marked in SAE and metric, so if the counter kid looks at you funny for asking for 8mm just tell him to go look at the hoses :)
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8mm is within (from memory) .004" of 5/16", so that's a safe interchange.

6.3mm is not found in nature on a metric car. It's just a fancy/discoursive way of saying 1/4", and not very helpful. A 1/4" line does not fit a 6mm hose barb well, but that's what we are being sold, which is a crock of shit IMO.

6mm line does exist, I've bought it at VW specialty shops, off a roll, but try to get it at a FLAPS and you're usually out of luck. Why? IDK.
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i had a look at the local parts stores.mixture of gates and grommet[malaysia] and unlabelled.[australia is metric since late 60's]

they have FUEL hose marked as 8 MM [5/16] and 5/16 [8MM]
guess what there not the same ID.

the other product for sale is injector hose sold in o.5M lengths in trendy colours.It listed as 7.5mm[5/16] and fits japanese fuel lines.

the other interesting item was vacume 4mm [1/4].fits emmision hoses and fuel return pipes.

different topic
our 40 liter parts washer [ex china] has lasted one use.the platic submersable pump disolved.we are using a detergent product diluted with small amount of diesel as per recomendation.
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