primary fuel filter

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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primary fuel filter


Post by exdiver »

Been reading forum and doing other research and I hope this is helpful.

These should work as a primary filter
They are straight-through type, not the factory firewall configuration.

Fleetguard FF5705
OD: 1.38 in. Height: 4.05 in.
Connection In/Out: .32 in. (5/16")

Wix 33007 5/16 in-line fuel filter
Height: 4.280
Outer Diameter Top: 1.210
Nominal Micron Rating: 50

NAPA Part: 3007 See-Thru Plastic In-Line Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter Height (Inches) : 1.259"
Fuel Filter Inlet/Outlet Size (Inches) : 5/16"
50 Micron

Baldwin BF7725 primary diesel fuel filter.
Replaces Mercedes part number 14772101 & 14776901.
Specifications: Inlet 5/16", Outlet 5/16"
Length 4 5/32", OD 1 13/32.
Micron rating 50-75."

Mr Gasket 9747 5/16" Clear View Fuel Filter
Don't know micron range , this one is reusable. (aprox $11.00)
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The Wix 33007 (NAPA 3007) has a wire mesh screen and should work OK for the primary filter for the 720 PU. Except: you'll have to replace one or both of the fuel lines due to the Wix/NAPA filter having the wrong inlet/outlet orientation, or forgo the firewall filter mounting clip and wire-tie it off to some other location.

The OEM filter is still available AFAIK, and it's cheap. This filter almost never needs to be replaced (as opposed to the Secondary filter, which should be replaced often).

See The 720 Fuel Filters thread for more info.
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Post by exdiver »

Thought the additional workable filters would help in finding filters at the neighborhood auto stores. Seem to never have what i need. More choices increases chances of success :D

We have been working on an 81 so the inline works fine , installed with two short sections of line between the metal frame-rail line and the lift pump. I like the clearview filter best. It is glass so the view is better and you can dismantle it to clean.
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