vibration at clutch SD22 720

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vibration at clutch SD22 720


Post by docdillio »

i have a loud vibration at idle (or when stopped) that i cannot locate, but it stops when i push down on the clutch pedal. i'm assuming it's in the clutch housing, related to the clutch plates, but i don't know enough to make any adjustments to stop the noise. it's been like this for a long time. any thoughts?
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Post by Nissan_Ranger »

Mine also has a rattle that goes away when I apply the clutch; it stops as soon as I feel the pressure increase at the pedal. Like mine, it's likely the clutch fingers lightly slapping at the release bearing and making it rattle. It hasn't changed in over three years of driving and so in my case, I'm gonna do nothing about it.

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Post by moose60 »

These trucks also have a gear rattle condition when the transmission gear oil is warm. Mine rattles in neutral with the clutch out. It rattles more as the oil gets hotter (thinner). This has been explained to me as "no big deal" .

Hopefully you have the same (non)issue.

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Post by asavage »

Rattle in neutral, clutch released, is somewhat usual on the SD.

However, vibration is not.

Does the trans make any whining noise while driving in any gear except 4th? If so, find the thread about the FS5W71x transmissions and read about the front bearings failure problem.
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