I have a 85 Sentra Gas with only 40,000 miles on it

CD-powered vehicles, specifically the Sentra, but also retrofits and swaps.

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I have a 85 Sentra Gas with only 40,000 miles on it


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I have found a gas engine powered Sentra with only 40,000 some odd miles on it :shock: and it is in great shape ( yes the odometer still works) The owner said he would sell for only $500 to me but it stopped running 3months ago I know it ran at that time because I saw his son driving it around town . Even the seats are in MINT condition the dash just has a hole ( I think where the speaker goes ) Would this be a Good car to swap out a cd17 and 4 sp manual into ?. My goal would be to have a car that gets 55 - 65 mpg for under $ 2500 -3000 I Found the cd17 and trans for 550 plus 200 shipping . just courious before I start. The car is all orig. the car had to be garage kept for as clean as it is.(not even sun fading.The car is an automatic at this time). :?
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There is more to swapping to a diesel drivetrain than just the engine/trans. You'll want to look at the difference in electrics, too. I think the radiator might be different. The fuel tank is non-galvanized inside on the diesel, so you'll want to read up on removing the zinc plating before swapping.

However, if you want it badly enough, it's do-able, sure. I've rather liked mine, and wish it weren't so worn out.
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