Anyone ever heard of a LD28 in a Toyota Crown ?

Discuss (and cuss) the Nissan LD-series OHC Six diesel engine, popularly available in the US in 1981-83 Datsun/Nissan Maxima Sedans & Wagons.

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Anyone ever heard of a LD28 in a Toyota Crown ?


Post by JacLS110 »

Hello everybody. I am from the Netherlands and driving a Toyota Crown LS110 for 5 years now. Originaly this car had an "L" engine (4 cyl., 2.2 liter diesel) which I already have replaced by a 2L-2 engine. (2.4 liter). Still I'm not satisfied. A Toyota Crown is a car that is typically made for a smooth running 6 cylinder instead of those terribly noisy Toyota L-series diesel engines. A few months ago I "discovered" the great Nissan LD28 engine in a French Nissan Cedric. Big problem when building another engine in a Toyota Crown is the huge beam in the front that connects the right side of the chassis to the left. That makes that only a LD28 with a mid-sump oil pan will fit. I saw pictures on the internet of engine with such an oil pan, but can anyone tell me in what Nissans these type of oil pans have been used ?
I also saw that the mid-sump is not exactly a mid sump, but a bit moved to the back side of the engine. I would like to have it moved a bit forwards. That is the reason for the second question:
Can oil pans on the LD28 block be mounted in reversed direction (front side backwards) ?
Hope to get some answers from you.
By the way, see:
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Post by asavage »

I am a fan of the 2L series of Toyota diesels. However, the Ld28 is much smoother, as you note. And quite a bit more torque. It should fit nicely in your Crown, as IIRC the Crown was offered with one of the Toyota inline Six engines (similar to our Cressida) and that engine was fairly large.

I do not know if the rear-sump oil pans & oil pump pickup tubes were used in vehicles; they may have only been used for industrial equipment or marine applications. Most of the folks that I've seen do transplants here have fabricated their own oil pans to make them rear sump.

AFAIK, the LD28 pan cannot be reversed. If you search around here, you'll find a couple of members who have pictures of their rear-sump setups.
Al S.

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Post by JacLS110 »

Hi Al.
Thank you very much for your information, although I hoped for some other answers. I hope my remark about the toyota L-series engines do not hurt you. If yes, then please accept my apologyses.
I'm going to make my own oil pan. The exhaust pipe must be brought to the other side, so there is a lot to do. I am going to try to connect the LD28 bell housing to the crown gearbox. Both have a well defined circular reference that can be used for a perfect alignment.
By the time I'm ready I will send some pictures to the forum.
All the best, Jac.
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Post by DATSUN280C »

I have seen LD28 in toyota crown MS60 kujira but not sure what mods have been done to make in fit in the car
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Post by davehoos »

cant think that a LD28 would be better than a surf 2.4 turbo.noise is different-I running a RD28 and these are years ahead.i havnt had a Toyota with ignition noise as load as the LD engine.the RD

my experience with Toyota is they run very low ratio axles that don't match the power output.I ran a 3.5 with over drive trans with the Nissan-it goes better with the 3.9 but is noisey.
most of the crowns I raided had ratio between 4:1 and 5.5:1.what was needed is very wide ratio manual gear box.

Toyota hilux/hiace/surf diesel conversion would be a no brainer conversion.
the 2.4 2L-E ceramic variable boost turbo crown was a good thing.they are only made to suit the 80 km speed average[they will struggle higher]

the only imports locally are high spec chaser II and 1988 model or later hard top crowns.the chaser[cresedia] is a power house.several around here have the big tail pipes turbo whistle and pass me without an issue.LPG fumigation is common to get the power up.

the large numbers of the pre common rail 3.0 and 2.8 3L-5L available here.
these have more tourque.but the go is about the same--the bigger motor allows you to go over 100kmh.our current common rail 2000+ hilux from asia with all the pollution stuff drive ok.making the old units cheep.most of these are front oil pan.

the manual transmission is common use behind L series engines and most other engines.--but they use a new clutch housing rather than an adaptor plate.

throw a small petrol in the crown and LPG it.
most users of these styles of Toyota in OZ fitted chaser/supra super charged or a V8.half cuts are cheep. twin cam 6.--1JZ??lots of these getting shredded now due to the cracked heads.

In the 70-80's most crown in oz got a GM-holden 6 transplant-a smaller version of chev 6 normally a 173 van engine to make engineering easy.holden to Toyota adaptors are common.-the fad was ending with much better engines coming can buy a Toyota badged holden cheep as chips.

V8 are common.on LPG a 4.0-5.0 V8 is cheeper to run than a Toyota engine.normally 8-10KM/L
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