'84 Nissan Urvan engine replacement

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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'84 Nissan Urvan engine replacement


Post by Noxbite »

Hey there,

I have a '84 Nissan Urvan which broke down about 2 weeks ago. The engine needs to be replaced and since Nissan doesn't provide them anymore, I have to find one by my own. The engine in the van is the SD-22, which is apparently very hard to find in Australia. So any information where I might find one is greatly appreciated. Already called a lot of wreckers but no luck yet. The location of the car is Calen, a town between Proserpine and Mackay, Qld.

My actual question is the following: I have found a SD-25 engine from a '8X Datsun Nissan 4WD. People told me the SD-23 and the SD-25 would maybe fit as well, so can anybody tell me whether the one I found will fit, or if there needs to be something changed then. I heard the injector pump might not fit, etc. Any information concering the problem is very welcome. As a traveler from overseas, solving an issue like that is quite difficult. I tried a lot but don't really get further.

Hope that someone can give me some advice,
Valentin from germany.
I'm a german traveler, desperate to find a solution to get my '84 Nissan Urvan on the road again.
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Post by asavage »

We have some members in Australia; hopefully one will pop in with advice.

The basics of the SD series are the same: engine mounting locations, bellhousing pattern, radiator hose locations.

The differences between the series are largely internal (bearings, pistons, sleeves) and the injection pump. The SD22, AFAIK, only used the Inline injection pump and a four-bolt mount to the front cover. The SD23 & -25 use the Distributor injection pump with a three-bolt mounting. The intake manifold is also different, because the SD22 with its Inline IP and pneumatic governing system has a throttle valve; most diesels don't (old Mercedes is the only other diesel with this system).

I would be most interested if you find that your SD22 does not have an Inline IP.

If you buy a complete engine with its matching IP, I would think that you will be faced with little unexpected issues. Having said that, I know nothing about the Urvan.
Al S.

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Post by davehoos »

it would be very hard to find a compatible engine.

sd25 then modify lots of extras.D21 engine.
you keep the injector pump but have to make throttle linkages.

it may be possible to use the intake manifold but will it bolt to the head[port size].
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