DCP Module relay

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DCP Module relay


Post by hjrgrant »

Common problem with the DCP Module relay contacts failing. I have owned an MQ Patrol from new in 1983 and started having problems with the relay contacts sticking and preventing engine shutdown. After many cleans the contacts finally had no metal left and the relay required replacement. Prices in aussie for a new DCP MOdule were prohibitive and the relay itself was not available so I searched for an alternative and found a suggestion in this forum that worked so here is what I did:

I bought a horn relay from Jaycar Electronics part number SY4047 which is a single pole double throw (SPDP) 24VDC 30A sealed relay with utilux terminals.

I then removed the old relay from the DCP Module, sucking the solder out of the PCB.

A five wire loom then was made up that connected from the PCB to the relay connectors through a hole cut in the top of the DCP Module.

The relay was then mounted on top of the DCP Module using some thick double sided tape. The hole was sealed with silicone glue.

All done! Cost? AU$6.50 for the relay and some wire and terminals from the workshop.

Why didn't I do that twenty years ago. If the relay fails just plug another one in!
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Good post.
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Post by asavage »

In 2008, my '83 Sentra's GP controller wouldn't do afterglow due to a failed relay, and I did pretty much the same thing.

(click image to go to the thread, with more pics)
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