SD33T Transmission compatibility

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SD33T Transmission compatibility


Post by zusmar »

:?: :? Can anyone tell me if a 5-speed Nissan tranny from a 280ZX fit on a SD33T 3.3L TURBO motor that came out of a 1980 IH Scout II Terra pick-up :wink: THANKS-- LOTS
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Post by asavage »

zusmar wrote:5-speed Nissan tranny from a 280ZX fit on a SD33T 3.3L TURBO motor that came out of a 1980 IH Scout II Terra pick-up [/b]
Not a chance.

The SD mounting pattern is not compatible with the gasser Nissan FS5W71x pattern.

What you might be able to do is find a SD2x transmission (still an FS5W71) that is blown up, and swap the guts from your 280ZX 5-spd (if it is not the Borg-Warner, but is the FS5W71 version. Only an issue if the 280ZX is a turbo version.) into the front case of the SD2x's trans.

I've done that, as have others.

Other options are the transmissions that came in the Scouts of course: Chrysler A727 or 904 (I don't know which was used) or whatever manual trans they used.
Al S.

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Post by zen »

Go Here for Scout info.
turbo it

(sd33t home turbo set up if anyone is interested..)
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SD33T swap into a 1969 FORD van.


Post by the-486 »

Someone a while back told me that the IH setup's used a ford trans in some cases? I read above that it was chrystler.. maybe my memory is failing.

Anyways. My task at hand to to repower a 1969 Ford e200 campervan, with a diesel. I had first opted for the Mercedes OM617. I have already done a swap in a '71 Chevy P-10 Mini-Step Van, replacing the stock 250ci I-6 and 3 speed with the turbo mercedes 5-cyl, mercedes auto trans. (all from a '81 300TD Wagon) This van goes very well, get's 20-26mpg!

So I would not hesitate to repower with the Benz OM617, But a sd33 would be even more favorable to me.

What kind of options should I investigate for my trans?

-the 486 kid
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Post by nissandieselcrazy »

I have been told a crystler t-19 bell housing will bolt to the sd-33 (have not tried myself), from there you are able to use any 4 bolt main general motors transmission. I have a five speed trans in my 68 gmc pick-up e-mail me and i will get numbers off my trans. I'm planning to sd-33t in my gmc, it will replace 250 i-6 gasser. they're the same size engine.
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Re: SD33T swap into a 1969 FORD van.


Post by Dslsmoke »

the-486 wrote: ..............My task at hand to to repower a 1969 Ford e200 campervan, with a diesel...........................
Well, let's see if I can help you... :roll:

I did install a 33T in an '85 E-150 using a special tranny adapter that was available back in the early '80s, it required some fabrication around the dog house and floor to clear the SAE #4 housing on the Diesel. I used a Ford top loader 4 speed trans for a while, and then I ran across a T5 from a Mustang, purchased yet another adapter, look here , made a few changes to the drive shaft and such, and gained an OD gear.

The rear end ratio I had "3.08" was a bit high, so I swapped it with a 4.10.

There are better adapters available today to match industrial engines to automotive transmissions, LOOK HERE "lookout for front cross member interference with the oil pan" :shock: overall it was a great van to travel with, I pulled a 20' pop up camper all the time going down to the Keys :lol: , millage was about 25 mpg. 3" straight pipe and twin fuel tanks, OH and that Turbo sound...... :D

Hope those links help.

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