my SD22 Powered Samurai

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my SD22 Powered Samurai


Post by mikej678 »

It's been done since about August. I'm finally getting around to posting about it.
It runs & starts good not too great in the bitter cold.
I had 33x12.5x15 tires on it with the stock gearing & transfer case gears.
It would run about 65 or so with no head wind, or drafting.(you would be suprised how far behind a semi you can draft) The engine rpm's were around 3000 to 3500, & I was getting 22 mpg all the time. It went great around town, good pick up ect, but as soon as aerodynamics came into play it would be sluggish.(take some time to get up to 55-60)
Off road it kicks butt. We were running some trails up north & I didn't have to go into 4wd in places my step-dad had to in his Rubicon. I idled down hills & didn't once have to use the brakes. Going up hills I'd run it up to 1100 rpm & It just chugged right up. My step dad said it didn't smoke at all.
Now I have removed the 33's & installed 31's but haven't driven it much to see how it works now.


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Post by kassim503 »

Very nice setup!
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Post by after oil »

mikej... did you get an adapter kit for the conversion? or is it all custom. i have a 1990 tracker.
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Post by mikej678 »

It was all custom. The t-case is divorced so it would be easier than a Track/Kick.

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Post by greaseburner »

That's an awesome little rig you got there! I had an '83 SJ410 back in the '90's. never thought of putting a little diesel in it. Man, that would've been cool. Way to Go!
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Post by davehoos »

they normally have a pug turbo diesel.i guessing there fitted or assembled in france or india.
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Post by HowlerMonkey »

That's a very sweet car there.

I have a samurai body that is a steel roof but I am having problems finding a rear door.

Any ideas?
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Post by asavage »


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