Eugene Craigslist: '82 720

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Eugene Craigslist: '82 720


Post by mlaargh »


I'm new here, but have been browsing for the past few days. I've been interested in aquiring my first diesel for a while now, and found the below ad in the Eugene Craigslist. I've always been a fan of old Datsuns (love the 510!) and figured the below may suit my needs - I live in a rural area, lots of commuting, light duty hauling.

82 Datsun diesel pickup with 158K miles.

SD22 engine. The truck has been running mostly pure biodiesel. Cabin interior is in wonderful shape, no dash or headliner cracks and the seats are perfect. A lot of work has been put into the truck recently so that it runs very well:

-BRAND NEW OEM fuel injector pump installed Jan 07 (less than 50 miles!) with 12 month warranty from distributor. (new pump is not shown in photo)
-new clutch, throwout bearing, and machined flywheel
-new front/rear brakes (turned drums, replaced shoes and wheel cylinders)
-master clutch and slave cylinders replaced
-newer tires, newer battery, radiator flushed, new thermostat
-new composite fuel lines in Jan 07
[price is $3800(!)]

Anyway, I curious if that's the going rate for one of these is good condition, or if the price is a bit outrageous (which it seems) - It's been listed for a few months.

Thanks for looking, and I appreciate the resources here.

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Re: Eugene Craigslist: '82 720


Post by asavage »

Hello, Bill:
mlaargh wrote:[price is $3800(!)]

Anyway, I curious if that's the going rate for one of these is good condition, or if the price is a bit outrageous (which it seems) - It's been listed for a few months.
Yes, we've seen that truck's ad.

The price is much higher than usual. However, it's possible that it's in much better condition than usual. The list of repairs is rather short; notice that the transmission and suspension are not menioned, neither is the paint.

SD2x 720 PUs are plentiful but are usually pretty well used. Rust is also a problem for those in the PNW and areas that use corrosives on their roads.
Al S.

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Post by odie »

price is in the ball park for the condition mentioned...if, IF it proves to be accurate....

These old Jap diesel trucks are commanding a mention of rust but that will be a major factor in price.

Non-cracked dash is rare. a clean body & interior is a plus.

Can he prove a NEW injector pump? that ain't cheap.

I have a 4x4 Isuzu diesel truck that is pretty clean too that I won't let go for under $5000.

These trucks can go for big bucks, to the right buyer and in the right condition and at the right time. There is not a buyer around every tree for this truck...that's why it's been posted for a while...but there is a buyer for that price bad or fast does he need to sell bad do you want it
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