Give away... 82 Maxima diesel, automatic...

Buy it, sell it, negotiate, haggle, drag it out from under the workbench or behind the garage and make it someone else's problem!

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Give away... 82 Maxima diesel, automatic...


Post by jiggseob »

82 Maxima diesel, ran when I parked it about 5 years ago.

I loaned it to a buddy who needed a car. He's a moose-hunter. He went hunting, got a moose, and put the head and hide in the trunk, and then went to Fort McMurray working for a few days. Turned into a few weeks, then a few months, when I phoned him the following June asking to borrow the car back, he said oh @#$%#$, I forgot about the moose hide. Anyways, the trunk was a mass of maggots. The trunk has been open with drains out since then. The varmits carried most of the moose bits away.

The car had 180,000 kms and ran fine. The body - other than advanced decomp moose - is reasonable, not a horrible rustbucket but not Arizona mint.

Free to a Nissan diesel home. 1 hour southeast of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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Post by Tomslide50 »

holy. shit.
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hoping not to send it to crush....


Post by jiggseob »

I'd get $50 for crush, but for a Nissan diesel guy, it would be free.

Hoping to see it go to someone who could want it.
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Post by glenlloyd »

someone ought to go get it, be a shame to let it go to the crusher.
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Post by dn29626 »

Why are these deals always too far from me.
I wish you the best on finding it a new home.
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Would you consider parting the thing out?


Post by dvdmynhnz »

I've been looking for an LD28 crankshaft for some time now; it's worth $400 to me. I'm in Florida, so it would have to be shipped, but I could also send you a prepaid shipping label. Thanks in advance for your reply.
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Post by dieseldorf »

Crank Pirate or crusher, not much difference :(
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Post by 240ZD »

Crank Pirate! Look's like we're gonna have us a keel-haulin'... :evil:

Sir, step away from the crank...
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82 max


Post by greyfoxxca »

I live in southern alberta and could give the car a good home.
I now have a diesel sentra and could use a big brother. lol

give me a pm
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Post by asavage »

I am hoping that someone can take this one on.
Al S.

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FRee 82 Maxima


Post by RAVC1 »

jiggseob, et al,

There is no question in my mind I want this vehicle but, I am in MI and I have no way to get it here...

Datsun Deron
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Post by Datsun Deron »

I'll be traveling to Medicine Hat sometime in the next 30-60 days. If you still want to get rid of it I can bring a trailer with me.
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