Glow plug relay wire

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Glow plug relay wire


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Haven't been here for a while, but recently had the main glow plug relay fail to operate. The wire with a fusible link going from battery positive to relay failed. I tried a new wire with inline fuse, maybe 30-40 amps, and the fuse blew instantly. I went with a whole wire (no fuse) and it all works fine again. I was wondering what the fusible link was rated at, don't see that anywhere in the FSM. Also installed some NOS exhaust hanger rubber rings, they're so old that they don;t always hold up, is there a modern replacement? Thanks
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Re: Glow plug relay wire


Post by asavage »

Ballpark numbers: cold/ambient GP will draw ~30A inrush current, tapering to around 15A when it comes up to temperature in a few seconds. So a standard fuse doesn't work well in this application, because you'd have to size it for the inrush (6 x 30A = 180A) and that exceeds the continuous current rating of the GP wiring, which is what the fusible link is protecting.

My Nissan manuals are in storage at the moment, 10 miles west, but if you want to source a generic fusible link for that circuit -- FLAPS used to carry generic fusible links but I haven't had to buy one in about 15 years, so I'm not sure what is available over the counter now -- I would try out one in the 75A range. And I'm not real confident in that guess. I would hope the FSM has a spec for the fusible links, but I would not be surprised if it doesn't . . . I don't see specs in another Nissan manual of that vintage.

Fusible links rarely fail unless you have an actual circuit fault -- usually wiring shorts, not component failure.

You certainly do not want to leave a plain wire in place of the fusible link. As I said, fusible links don't get weak and decide to burn, they have a reason.
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